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'signal slot' v/s direct call

  • we often do communication between UI [qml] and backend [c++].
    how one can decide, which is better interface method, like to use signal-slots or other direct call methods, like register method.??

  • I would suggest trying to write your backend C++ objects with a property-based API (see Q_PROPERTY macro). Then just bind your QML ui element properties to the backend properties as needed.

  • Both actually have similar overhead, since both are Qt metaobject calls. The best way is probably to develop a benchmark that executes a lot of operations and measure the execution time.

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    Better is the one which suits you more in a given situation.

    With signals, you can connect a slot on both C++ and QML side, with Q_INVOKABLE you are "tied" to C++. Both uses are, IMO, needed (at least I use them...).

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