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VS Add-in 1.1.10 + Qt 4.8.0 + VS2010 and Deployment Projects

  • Hi,
    I'm experiencing a problem and I'd like to know if someone else does.

    I use Qt 4.8.0 Commercial for VS2010 + Qt Add-in 1.1.10 + VS2010.

    Everything is fine, except that when I create in VS2010 a "Setup Project" and add to it the output of the Qt project, the dependecies of the output (QtCore, QtGui, even VC100_CRT) are not found nor updated.

    There's something strange happening to the Primary Output of the Qt project: for instance, in the "File System" window of the Setup project I can see the Primary Output icon, but if I right click on it I cannot create a shortcut to it (the option is missing).
    If I build the whole thing, I get an .msi installer with only the bare .exe file.

    The funny thing is that I if import a previous Qt project from VS2008 to VS2010, there is no problem at all: previous Setup projects continue to work great, and new Setup projects connected to existing Qt projects work fine as well.

    Any help or hint will be appreciated.

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