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SBS error while Building apps for Symbian

  • Good afternoon everybody,

    While building a Project in QT creator (Experimental version For building apps for Symbian on Linux --> "") I got some errors, which are SBS related.

    @Error: sbs has not been installed with support for your platform: "linux i386 libc2_9".

    The utilites for your platform should be in "/home/timothy/QtSDK/Symbian/tools/sbs/linux-i386-libc2_9" but sbs
    cannot find them there.

    sbs is supported on:
    linux i386 libc2_3 (Redhat 4)

    sbs has been known to work (but is not supported) on:
    linux x86_64 libc2_5 (e.g. Centos/Redhat 5.3 64-bit)
    linux i386 libc2_8 (e.g. Fedora 9 32-bit)
    linux x86_64 libc2_10 (e.g. Fedora 11 64-bit)

    Even with the appropriate utilities it may be necessary to install 32-bit
    compatibility versions of some libraries (e.g. glibc) on these platforms,
    particularly for 3rd party tools which are not built natively such as

    It may be possible to build and install the utilities for your platform by
    entering /home/timothy/QtSDK/Symbian/tools/sbs/util and running
    make -k
    A full development environment is required however.
    make: Leaving directory `/home/timothy/Nokia-QT'
    make: *** [debug-gcce] Error 1
    The process "/usr/bin/make" exited with code 2.
    Error while building project NokiaQT (target: Symbian Device)
    When executing build step 'Make'@

    I got the Linux-headers, Glibc2 and glibc-devel installed so i don't understand the error.
    Can somebody help me out please?

    Thanks in advance ;)


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    Just an idea (I never used raptor on linux!):

    Try checking for files close to what you need in /home/timothy/QtSDK/Symbian/tools/sbs/ and symlinking one of those to linux-i386-libc2_9...

    Apart from that: Try to get into contact with the guys working on the project, I am sure they are the ones that know best how to fix the issue.

  • Thanks for reply ;)

    But can you explain what you mean by 'raptor', because I don't know what that is. These are just errors while building my own Symbian app ;)

    And when I look into sbs, there already is a map named linux-i386-libc2_9 (with content).. so im afraid that's not the problem :)

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    Oh, sorry, Raptor is the code name of sbsv2 which calls itself sbs in its output.

    Sorry, I can not really help then:-(

    You might want to try (note the missing Qt in that URL): They got more experts on Nokia phones over there. We here tend to be better at Qt and cross-platform issues;-)

  • No problem ;)

    And yeah, the problem lies in the fact that my libs are very outdated ;) so I just gonna move to another Distro so I can use the Symbian build tools in Linux ;)

    Thanks anyways!!


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