Question about Row element in NoteToolbar.qml of developer guide "QtQuickApplicationGuide4Desktop.pdf"

  • Hi guys, I'm a newbie to Qt and I'm following the developer guide to ramp up on it.

    The developer guide I'm referring to is:

    On page 52, where we suppose to implement the animation effect for the little red X for the NoteToolBar,
    there is this thing we need to do(it's missing from the actual pdf, but the attached source has it, so it's no big deal):
    @// this default property enables us to
    // create QML Items that will be automatically
    // laid out in the Row element and considered as toolItems
    default property alias toolItems: layout.children@

    My question is,, how does the "deleteItem" object we created in Note become the child of Row element "layout"??

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