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No examples showing in Qt Creator

  • Hello Guys, I'm a newbie with Qt. I had installed Qt and made an application successfully about a year ago on my Mac with OS X 10.5.8 - now I have a clean install of OSX.
    I tried to install Qt but OS X 10.5 is not supported anymore. I downloaded an older version of Qt, namely, "qt-mac-opensource-4.7.4.dmg" from - it seems to have installed fine. And then downloaded Qt creator from

    The problem is, I need to load the source code for the examples and I've downloaded and tried multiple versions of the Qt creator, none of them show the examples like it did a year back. How can I do that ? - there were no problems like this when I downloaded from the main site a year ago. Please HELP :(

  • I should add this: I can locate the examples on my system here /Developer/Examples/Qt but when I point Qt creator to open project from there, it tells me:

    "No Valid Qt Versions found

    Please add a Qt version in Tools/Options or via the maintenance tool of the SDK."

    "Options" tab does not show under the "Tools" tab :(

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    Options might be hidden in a more mac-specific place... If they are, then please "file a bug report": so that we fix this message on Mac:-)

  • It seems you are mixing "old" Qt bits and new ones. The best way is to install the SDK using the SDK installer. Basically, nothing the SDK installs should go into /Developer. If there are Qt related bits left there, that is bad (tm) :-)

  • @miroslav Where can I find a Qt SDK installer for OS X 10.5 ?

  • Ouch, I missed that part. I do not think there are QtSDK builds for older than OSX 10.6. The old DMG packages are infamous, though, for installing stuff all over your system. You could build Qt from source, it is quite straightforward on OSX.

  • ok thanks @miroslav - will try that.

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