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How to license an application developed under QT

  • I have created an application using QT. Now, i wish to sell my application without distributing my source code. I have only used dynamic linking and made no modifications to the Qt libraries. My application package only contains the binary file with QT-libraries mentioned as dependencies. What i am supposed to do.

     Is it that, I need to distribute my software under two licenses: LGPL for QT dynamic libraries my application uses and a commercial license for my binary or i can simply sell my whole application under LGPL, without any worries.

    This licensing stuff is so confusing!

  • A forum is not a place for legal advice. Consult a lawyer to be sure. Also, this question has been asked before, so please just search the forum for previous discussions.

    Short answer: yes, you can distribute your application under any licence you see fit as long as you link dynamically to the LGPL libraries. If you want to keep your own sources confidential, then don't choose the LGPL license for your own code.

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