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Is there any kind of QFormView?

  • [I'm asking this just to be sure I'm not going to reinvent/reimplement a already existing feature]

    As we know, Qt supply us both with db-related models (QSqlModel) and with various types of Views (QView).

    Instead, it looks like that it does not supply us with a ready-to-use "form view" of the kind that is normally used in a typical database front-end. I mean, a hypotetical "QFormView" class able to present a QSql*Model to the user as a (automatically generated) two-column form (Maybe based on a QFormLayout) filled with data-aware widgets. In other terms: a automatic way to create a QDataWidgetMapper-based form once given the corresponding database table.

    Is it just me (who I'm Google-challenged and I'm not able to spot it) or anything like that ever existed?
    Does anybody know of such a thing?

    Thanks in advance

    (Yes, I'm aware of . I just want to be sure not to reimplement by-hand what can already be done automatically by the code).

  • No, I don't think there is anything like that in Qt.

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