TNT Stole my phone!! now i got nothing :(

  • I became a Qt Ambassador :) , and after a few days i was given a tracking number. But TNT stole the phone !! :( and damaged the rest of the contents. TNT people replaced the phone with a cheap ($20USD) Mexican Movistar phone!!.

    Luckily I found about it quickly, the package looked suspicious so i opened it before signing, found about the inccident and I rejected the package. It was sent back to Oslo.

    I've send a few emails to Marianne but got no answer. I was left with nothing, not even the stickers! :(

    I offered Marianne to file a claim to TNT Mexico if that would help.

    I am willing to pay for the re-sending of the package if possible. I dont know if i am still eligible to receive a badge, this is sad because TNT Mexico has a very bad rep for stealing customer goods, late delivery and bad customer service.

    Im very dissapointed at TNT and sad at this issue. Now the tracking number 905667184 is not even available anymore.

    Is there anyone here with a similar story? :(

    Do you think there's still a chance to get a badge, or at least a poster or stickers :) ?

  • Hi,

    As I said the last time we spoke, TNT has been notified, a claim has been made and TNT Norway has initiated an investigating. This investigation is not yet completed, TNT has not been able to tell us where the package was replaced nor do they at this time recommend that we send packages to Mexico.

    We are experiencing big problems sending packages to Mexico, in fact ALL the packages has been stolen / gone missing. We tried re-sending one with a different courier, this is also missing. I therefore want to wait for the investigations to be finished, and for TNT to present alternative deliveries before sending a new kit to you.

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