Set maximum frame rate in QML Animation

  • Is it possible to set a maximum frame rate when using QML Animation ?
    This would be very useful (especially on embedded platform).

  • Been thinking about this too. I guess a maximum frame rate setting is kind of hard to support. But, if there was a way to control animations so that you could somehow tell the animation how many intermediate values to use, this would be a way to indirectly control the frame rate. Haven't found any way to do that either, though...

  • Had another look at this, and found that QTimeLine (which is used by the animation framework, which I assume is what QML uses for animations) has an updateInterval property, which is the time between two value updates / frames. By default it is 40ms, which gives a frame rate of 25 fps. Sadly, I have not found a way to control the corresponding updateInterval of QML animations.

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