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Enhancing Qt Creator's autocomplete with acronyms and shorthand

  • I notice there are plenty of Qt classes with absurdly long names, which is understandable and kind of unavoidable since the API is vast.

    I also notice a very useful feature to be missing in Qt Creator - the use of acronyms and shorthand, basically I would like to use the autocomplete in the following way:

    for QGraphicsScene - invoke autocomplete and type qgrsc
    for QGraphicsColorizeEffect - invoke autocomplete and type qgrcoef or coleff
    QGraphicsSceneContextMenuEvent - invoke autocomplete and type qgrsccomeev or contextmenu or conmenuev or whatever combinations of letters are contained in the class name

    ...and so on in that manner, I think you get the idea. It will add tremendously to Creator's autocomplete considering how long can some class names be in Qt. I have used this feature in VisualAssistX and just bothered to check if it is also present in Creator, but it doesn't seem to be.

  • Type QGS, QGCE or QGSCME in Qt Creator and press CTRL + Space (or whatever you've set autocomplete to).

    Surprise ;-)

  • Ah yes, I see, but still this approach requires more intricate knowledge of the class name instead of just using fragments of the names. QGrScEv is resolved to QGraphicsSceneEvent as well.

    There doesn't seem to be any way to invoke all the names that contain the phrase "event" for example, unless the identifier begins with "event". Or is there?

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    The problem is that such a fuzzy search is just too slow... You do not want to wait for a second till the popup appears, do you? The other issue is that we have lots of possible completions for generic terms like "event". Is a really long completion list really useful?

    Feel free to request features via "our bugtracker": . We are looking at all of them:-)

  • It works pretty fast with Qt in VS with VAX, probably at the cost of some extra memory usage I guess. Dare I say it is instantaneous.

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