Cannot locate/find qmake on my OSX?

  • Hi!

    I installed Qt SDK with Qt Creator.
    I was able to complete a couple tutorial without any problem.
    Now I am trying to locate qmake (path on the HD to qmake) on OSX 10.6 but I cannot find it.
    I tried using the locate and also using the find commands without success, I also spent time googling hoping to find the path to the qmake but the only reference I found mentioned /usr/bin/qmake and qmake is not there.

    So where is qmake hiding? :-)

    Thanks, L.

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    I don't know about OSX, but on Linux, default location is "/home/<username>/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/<qtversion>/gcc/bin". Or maybe there was some installation error?

  • Have you updated your locate database recently? I think it only updates weekly by default, and sometimes not even then, so it can produce some annoyingly out-of-date results. Try this command:

    sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb

    This should at least get rid of any misleading results from locate.

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