Slots are defined on Windows not work on MAC OS

  • Hi all,
    I have an application written him out of Windows, tried to run on MAC OS application starts, but does not work hung on the slots QPushButton in MAC OS does not work. I tried to go to zero under the debugger ...

    on Windows this work.

    Sample code:
    @void Widget::on_b_circleLeft_clicked()

    Any ideas?

  • that no one no not any ideas?

  • I'm realy sure the slots are working also on Mac OSX. Did you try a debugger or put a debug output (qDebug() << "my slot";) in your slot and try again. May be the showMinimized() method workes different.

  • Yes
    identity in the debugger tried to run, the function does not even comes ...
    as if the event did not happen.

    and no matter what code is inside ... Why do you work all the buttons are very strange I can not understand why. part of the works but not always, part at all.
    And in Windows everything works. in the MAC OS does not want to work.
    Is it possible that the matter in the size of the buttons?

  • All my projects are working also on Mac OSX.
    Do you use the designer for your ui? If so, please delete the ui_*.h files and do a qmake and make again.
    The size of the buttons doesn't matter. Ok they should be clickable ;)

  • Yes I am using Designer.
    I can not find the file ui_. *, in the folder with the project it is not.
    where it can be?

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