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[SOLVED]SimpleGL Compilation for Embedded_ARM :: How to do it?

  • Hi,
    SimpleGL Plugin can be found WRT the post at "SimpleGL":

    1. Can you please tell me How to Compile that files in the qt-labs-simplegl folder placed in the Qt_target--->Source Directory.

    2. How to get a makefile to do the compilation?

    3. Is it that I need to start the make process again to compile all the source code ( or )

    4. Is there a seperate process/ Makefile, which can be used to compile the files in the qt-labs-simplegl alone?

    Please suggest!

  • Hi all,

    Sorry for the missing info presented as post.

    I think I should add @-gfx-plugin-simplegl@

    to the configure path.
    My main intention is to get a in the plugins/gfxdrivers/

    So that I could use it on my target as well after porting.

  • Using SimpleGL is appropriate if you are using Qt 4.7.x.
    In case of Qt 4.8, there exists an equivalent for this, named "eglnullws".

    To use simplegl,

    1. One has to copy "simplegl" folder in <qt_sources>/src/plugins/gfxdrivers

    2. Edit to add simplegl as on of the options

    3. To build, either run qmake on then "make" followed by copying the library at the correct location (plugins/gfxdrivers/) on target
      use -gfx-plugin-simplegl option during Qt configuration

  • Hi Thank You for answering, the query related to Simple GL configuration.
    1,2 and 3 as said have been followed exactly.

    Please tell me if I would get the library after running qmake & make.

    Having noticed no changes, [ I mean I did not get ], I thought I made some wrong and went for configuring all source code again.

    My Configure path is
    @./configure -embedded arm -xplatform qws/linux-mxc-g++ -release -prefix /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-target-version -qt-gfx-linuxfb -qt-kbd-tty -qt-mouse-tslib
    -opengl es2 -openvg yes -little-endian -host-little-endian -DQT_QWS_CLIENTBLIT -confirm-license@

    I get a message that
    @-qt-gfx-plugin-simplegl: unknown argument@

    If include @-gfx-plugin-simplegl@

    in the configure path, then I get
    @-gfx-plugin-simplegl: unknown argument
    -gfx-plugin-simplegl: invalid command-line switch@

    Have you got any suggestions please!

  • Hi all, Sorry! This has been Solved with the help of "Luc4":

    NO NEED TO RECONFIGURE is the one I have learnt from Luc4&shrikantd.

    Problem has occurred because of the fact that qmake is present in many /bin directories, but you have to use the specific qmake, which will give the output.

    A line has to added to
    @contains(gfx-plugins, simplegl) :SUBDIRS += simplegl@
    I mean in <Qt_SRC_Directory>/plugins/gfxdrivers/

    Thanks All Again!

  • I apologize. I misspelt the option to be passed to configure script to enable SimpleGL.

    the option is "-plugin-gfx-simplegl"

  • Thank You for presenting me an option to configure it without much hassle of googling again for the configure line arguments.

    for now, i have managed to get it working with running qmake & make as said above by Luc4 & Shrikantd.

    Thanks & Regards :: Krishna Pavan

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