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Context menus: trigger an action on an item that has a sub-menu.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am building context menus with submenus - and I can trigger an action on the submenu. But I would also like to trigger an action on the item that has a sub-menu. In the code below, as_action triggers nicely, but the a_action does not. Same for the hovered signal.

    So how can you trigger an action when you click on a menu which has a submenu?

    This is Python/PySide code btw.

    menu = QtGui.QMenu()
    a_action = QtGui.QAction(cat, menu)
    a_action.triggered.connect(partial(some_func, some_params))

    a_submenu = QtGui.QMenu(name)

    for i in subs:
    as_action = QtGui.QAction(i, a_action)
    as_action.triggered.connect(partial(some_func, some_params))


  • You don't. The action is "show the sub menu". It would be very confusing if the action does more than that.

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