[Resolved] Submitted Project - Feedback Request

  • Hi there!

    I received an email on 1 November 2011 stating that my project had been accepted into the Qt Ambassador program. On the same day, I filled in the required information along with the requisite screenshots and submitted the project for approval.

    On 8 January 2012, I requested access to the unpublished project as I had to update screenshots and some of the information and I was informed that the project had been unlocked shortly after.

    I've subsequently updated the information and since there was no "Submit for Approval" button after the unlock (I tried Firefox, IE and Chrome to make sure it wasn't a browser bug), I sent an email to Marianne informing her that I've made the changes I wanted to and that she could relock (resubmit?) the project.

    I haven't heard anything since though and would like to know if anyone can give me an estimate of when I can expect feedback (please contact me if you can help and I'll provide you with the project specifics in an email or PM, whichever you prefer).

    Thanks and have a great day! :)

  • Thank you to whoever took note of this post. I received confirmation today that my project has been published...a brilliant feeling! :)

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