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QTcpSocket problem

  • Hello guys...
    I have to mention that I'm new to Qt. Now I am trying to develop an interface for a Chess Game Client. The problem is the following...I have a login dialog, that gets input from the user, the address, and the port. With that information, I created a QTcpSocket, which was used to connect to the host. But, my problem is that, I have a main window that need that socket in order to communicate with the server. How can I do this. Also, if someone can offer some advices in creating the Chess Game.

  • probably something like this:

    declaration in your *.h file:
    class YourChessDialog : public QDialog
    private slots:
    void connectToServer();
    QTcpSocket tcpSocket;
    definition in your *.cpp file:
    void YourChessDialog::connectToServer()
    tcpSocket.connectToHost("your_internet_address", your_port_number);
    // ie: "", 2345
    And don't forget to close your connection.

  • Thanks, broadpeak, I will try what you gaved me.

  • This is for login dialog, but for connecting the socket, to the other dialog? I mean, yea, this looks similar to what I have in the login dialog, but how to connect, the resulting socket, from this, to the second dialog? Thanks alot.

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