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Problem when loading dynamic libraries in a embedded platform

  • Ok, here is the problem :p in fact, i'm building an embedded linux that contains qt 4.7.4 libraries... i'm trying to make an application that i've already built with qt 4.6.2 and recompiled with 4.7.4 (on another machine) execute on this embedded platform
    i've been able to load the application and see the main interface
    the problem , is that the main project , should look for some plugins ( *.so) and load them in order to get full execution
    So the problem, is that on the embedded platform , QT does not load any of these .so , ( plugins)
    i've thought it's a problem with my source code, so i've tried with another example provided by qt and that exposes loading plugins (static and dynamic libraries) : same; the program loads only static libraries.

    anyone has an idea please??

    P.S : the embedded distribution was built with PTXdist, the platform for Qt is X11 ( not embedded) and i've added every Qt library when defining options.

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