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Embed a QWidget inside a non-Qt window

  • Hello.

    I hope this is not an FAQ, I swear that I looked :)

    Is it possible to embed in any way a QWidget inside a non-Qt window? This ideally would work on both Mac OS and Windows.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Have a look at the "Qt/MFC Migration Framework": Unfortunately it is for Windows only.

    Just to explain how this will help you, look at this explanation from the documentation...

    The QWinWidget class is a Qt widget that can be child of a native Win32 widget.

    The QWinWidget class is the bridge between an existing application user interface developed using native Win32 APIs or toolkits like MFC, and Qt based GUI elements.

  • Thank you, unfortunately this will not work, if I find a solution it must work on Mac OS too. In fact Mac OS is my primary development platform.

    Thanks anyway.

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