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Get locating callers SiS app (by GPS).. display on maps

  • I started Design aproject to my university to complete last semester

    i wont do application on my Nokia N8-00 that can get the coordinates by GPS and send it to the police relief
    i aske if can help me in the application becauese i am trying befor 3 weeks until this sence
    tell me what can i do.. my presentation after 5 day _

  • [quote author="Abdalla" date="1328004439"]PLEASE HELP ME..get locating callers SiS app (by GPS).. display on maps[/quote]
    Please don't try to get our exclusive attention like this. That you are under pressure is frankly not our problem. Most of us are in our dayjobs too.

    Please read the "How to ask questions the smart way" FAQ, and especially "this": section.

    I have edited your title to match.

  • Ok.. thank you mr. Andre.. can you help me

  • why you removed my post... is it enough you write this bad word to me.. try to respect the other and how to tell the other their worong and what's the best
    best wishes

  • Hi Abdalla,

    nothing of your post(s) was removed from the forums. All that happend was that Andre moved your post from the "C++ Gurus" forum to the more appropriate "Mobile and Embedded" forum and adjusted the title. Everything is still here. The fact that it was not deleted is proofed by your two responses - how could that happen, if the post wasn't here anymore?

    Nobody wants to offend you, it's just the usual cleanup in the forums, where the moderators move topics from one forum to a better suiting forum. This happens all the time and is nothing to cry about. If you think that the move was a false decision, state so in in a polite manner please and the moderators crew will eventually have a look into it.

    So, may I suggest to calm down a bit, please. Additionally this has the big advantage for you, that you're much more likely to get an answer. Many of the helpful developers here, doing everything in their spare time and for free, are reluctant to help if they have the impression that questioner can't wait patiently or behaves otherwise odd.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Deeply thank Mr.Volker
    sorry for noisy

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