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Qt windows relative path install

  • Hello all

    What I am trying to do is compile qt on windows on my machine and then distribute the compiled statically linked qt around the office (so only one person is responsible for updating qt)

    Whenever someone tries to use the qmake, they get errors because the paths in the make file all direct to my machine directories instead of relative path that I hoped for.

    Is there a solution to this? Thanks!

  • I don't know where Qt stores information about this paths but you can do text search in Qt's files using path to Qt as an argument.

  • The qmake paths are hard coded. There is some tool that can patch the binaries and libs to replace the build paths with the actual install path, it is used by the windows installers. But I don't know its name, though.

  • Volker, what advantage give hard coded paths?

  • shrug ... dunno, you'll have to ask the Trolls...

  • How about linux, can we do relative path install on linux?

  • No, it suffers from the same restrictions.

  • An approach to make the compiled in paths work for multiple users is to standardize on a drive that is mounted the same way for all users. For example, using L, put Qt in L:\Qt\4.8.0 so that this path is the same for everybody. Make sure to also build Qt in this location, so that qmake points there.

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