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What is the fastest implementation to compress and decompress files under QML?

  • Well, i was looking around and didnt find a clue to extract any kind of compressed files with Qt, i tryed differents solutions but none of them work, QuaZip and QMLArsenal.

    Any idea?

  • Hi,

    which type of files did you try to extract? And with Qt ()C++) or with QML?

  • Any kind of file could fit on my project (rar, tar, zip) and doesnt matter if is C++ and QML

  • Do you need to compress stuff or do you need to archive and compress stuff?

    The former one can be achieved using qCompress() / qUncompress (using zlib compression), the latter one requires an external library, for example tar or the said QuaZip, which can be used to read .zip files (and which usually works without any problems by the way).

  • I need to extract files from another file.

    Im looking for a solution for s^1 coz with QRC the SmartInstaller throw a memory full exception and doesnt install my sis file.

    So i think this can be the easyest way, download a file and extract it.

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