Qt Creator and Mingw

  • Hi all,

    I've just installed Qt SDK on Windows with Mingw. The problem is I cannot get it to use the Mingw compiler. It always insists on using VS2008 (also on my machine). Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thx SJ

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    Qt Creator only offers the tool chains (mingw, msvc, whatever) that have a chance to work with your Qt version... so was the Qt version you are using build with MSVC2008?

  • Hi. I installed Qt and just ran it. I didn't build it. The Tools->options->Tool Chains shows Mingw as an option, but I cannot select it as my desired compiler!!

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    Which Qt do you use in your project?

    Creator will only offer tool chains that will produce code that will actually work with the Qt version you have selected (independent of how many/which compilers you have selected). So you need to select a Mingw-Qt to be able to use mingw tool chains.

  • I'm still a newbie but think I just fixed this one.

    1. In Windows, select Start, Update Qt SDK.
    2. Select Package Manager, Next.
    3. Under Qt SDK, expand the nested items "Development Tools", "Desktop Qt", "Qt <version> (Desktop)". Check the box for "Desktop Qt <version> - MinGW" to install the MinGW compiler for desktop.
    4. Select "Next" as needed to finish the install process.

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