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[suggestion] watch thread option

  • It would be handy if one could kind of subscribe to particular thread to receive email notifications when there is some discussion ongoing. At the moment this only works if I post a reply and check that "Notify me via email when someone posts in this thread" option. Sometimes I want to closely follow the discussion but have nothing to write. Leaving a "this is a dummy message to get email notification" isn't not really smart, is it? :-)

    PS: I know of the RSS feature - but this might be too much if you just want to watch only a few threads.

  • We added a "Subscribe to this thread"-option (link below the thread title) a while back, that would solve your use-case right?

    Perhaps we need to make it more visible, maybe add an e-mail icon or something.

  • Umpf ... I should get some new glasses :-)

    Maybe the link should go below the text of the first post or above the "post a reply" box. The natural flow of reading goes from top to bottom, I'm not used to scroll back to do some actions on the previously read text.

    Also the wording is different:
    It says "Subscribe to this thread" below the headline and "Notify me via email when someone posts" in the reply box. Although both functions are identical.

  • Good points, I'll have a think and possibly add it to our next forum change. :)

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