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QtCreator in Windows and remote compiler in linux (switch from netbeans to qtcreator)

  • Hi, Im using windows PC with Netbeans to develop application which is compiled and run in remote linux PC with ADC card. Till now I was using Netbeans as developing IDE, everything is compiled remotely (including Qt gui) in linux. I would like to switch from netbeans to qtcreator. In QtCreator 2.4 is new posibility to add Generic Linux in Linux Device. So I put there my remote linux PC as new device with ssh. But I dont know what is next step, how to set external toolchain in Build & Run?, Remote Compiler is only for Nokia Developer, and in toolchains I see only local windows compilers. I would like to put there my external gcc, etc in linux box. Do I need crosscompiler win-linux ?

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    The Generic Linux Device is used to run your code on, not to compile it there. We currently have no support for doing remote compilation (outside of the remote compiler plugin shipped in the Qt SDK, which is to build for nokia devices only).

    With a bit of configuration it should be doable though: Replace the build steps that are preconfigured with custom ones running the equivalent command on your remote machine.

    I do not think that you will be able to use the Remote Linux support we have to run the application either: It assumes it had copied all files into known locations and your build will most likely not have put them there. So you will need a custom executable runconfiguration to start your application.

  • Having same issue. And I still have to use Netbeans.

    Would it be implemented in new version of QT creator?

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