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Linux 64-bit SDK Update Tool Still shows 4.7.4

  • Hi All,

    I see on the main website that 4.8 is the newest release of the libraries, but when I go to my SDK Update tool it says no updates available and shows 4.7.4-1 as my current release. How do I upgrade from the update tool?

    Am I better off cloning off of gitorious and just building it?

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    When 4.8 came out, Nokia stated that SDK update will be delayed, and that it will come together with next mobility release somewhere in January. We're approaching the end of this month and nothing happens, sadly.

    So yes, final 4.8 is not available in SDK, but 4.8-RC is (in "Experimental"). You can also, as you've stated, clone gitorious (but that would take much time) or download libs from "":

  • Thanks for the quick replay sierdzio

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