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Include private member functions in qdoc ouput

  • I am using qdoc for documentation of my project. I like to include my private member functions into my documentation as well. There is EXTRACT_PRIVATE for doxygen. Is there anything similar for qdoc?? I tried extract private for qdoc & it doesn't work. Please help me.

  • Moderator's note:
    I've split out your question into a new thread and deleted the two remaining duplicates. Please don't post new questions to old threads (some were over a year since the last post) and please don't double post questions, it will not speed up answers. Best is a new thread with a meaningful title.

    Oh, and welcome to Qt DevNet of course - hopefully som qdoc guru can answer your question!

  • I also hope to know the answer.

    I'm creating document for internal developers, I want to include private functions

  • Hi Billconan,

    This thread is more than 2 years old. Did you read the moderator's note?

    Please add a new topic and show us what you've tried / achieved already.
    Ask specific questions instead of general ones and you might get lucky. ;-)

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