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Starting of proramming an IDE

  • Hello out there,
    I want to start my first project in pyside,
    a simple IDE, which should be something like Konqueror,
    but Konqueror gave up (text)editing functions since KDE 4.5,
    so I will try on my own...
    Actually I want to develop an application, fitting my programming pleasure,
    it should contain:
    1: a text editor( line numbers and text highlighting would fulfill),
    2: a file browser (something like mc, fireftp, should do..)(surely, ftp is also obligated)
    3. A webbrowser(webkit works fine, but can i also implement gecko, chrome Engine ..?, for website-testing, and if, how?)
    4. a (k)console (terminal, bash)
    in tabbed browsing...
    I hope you know what a mean, my English may be bad..

    Now my first questions are, could I embed other web-rendering-engines and how?
    Could I embed a terminal within pyside and if, how?

    O.k. thats enough for my first threah, I think...

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