Detect Rich Text in QML

  • Is there an easy way for a Text element to know if its text is Rich Text? I need this for an application that will center unformatted text but display Rich Text as given.

    I'm hoping that "Qt::mightBeRichText()": has been secretly exposed to QML and that I've simply missed it in the Fine Manual. :-)

  • For QtQuick 1.x, the Text element internally uses Qt::mightBeRichText() when textFormat is set to Text.AutoText (which is the default). Does this work for your case, or do you need something more?

  • I need something more. I am looking for a way to detect Rich Text myself so that I can apply additional formatting, such as setting horizontalAlignment, to plain text. It is not sufficient to use Text.AutoText.

    Can call Qt::mightBeRichText() from my QML application?

  • Qt::mightBeRichText() isn't available from QML out-of-the-box -- you'd need to expose it from C++ yourself, or write similar functionality in JS.

  • That's what I feared. Thanks, mbrasser.

  • Hi,

    you can use onTextChanged signal in Text element to parse for HTML tags or something like this.

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