No SIGNAL from startDetached ?

  • Contrary to the documentation the attached code produces desired results, but appears to emit no SIGNALs - I was expecting at least "started'.
    Is is codded correctly ?

       qDebug(" START int  Form::RunProcess_Asynch(QString Commnd)");
        qDebug() << Command; // TODO Add connect HERE
        QProcess OProcess;
        connect(&OProcess, &QProcess::errorOccurred, this, &Form::processError);
        //connect(&OProcess, &QProcess::finished(exit)::finished, this, &Form::processFinished);
        //    connect(&OProcess, &QProcess::started, this, &Form::processError);
        connect(&OProcess, &QProcess::started, this, &Form::processStarted);
        // capture any errors (do this before you run the process)
        connect(&OProcess, &QProcess::errorOccurred, this, &Form::processError);
        qDebug("END  int  Form::RunProcess_Asynch(QString Commnd)");

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    @AnneRanch said in No SIGNAL from startDetached ?:

    I was expecting at least "started'.

    This is wrong - otherwise it would not have been called 'detached'
    The documentation is also very clear about it: "Starts the program set by setProgram() with arguments set by setArguments() in a new process, and detaches from it."

  • @AnneRanch
    I took the time over at to test and explain that the process.startDetached("hcitool dev>>/tmp/temp") which you believe is working for you is actually not, and is no different from using start() here which also won't work on that string. Did you read it?

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