pure QML (or) QML and QtWidget?

  • Hello there, This is my first post in the forum :D.
    Well, I have a question, And I don't have much experience.
    Which is the best strategy to use a modern GUI Design?

    1. 100% QML
    2. QML + QtWidget
    3. QtWidget + QML

    I have already developed a python application using PyQt5 QtWidget, But now I want to have a modern GUI so I read about QML.
    my project is kinda big and has a lot of functionality, The main purpose for my application is: Drawing lines, polygons, shapes and inserting some images (for example let's say like painter application or even garden designer).

    So in my case which is a better strategy using 100% QML or QML + QtWidget? i have no idea where to start.

    Please if my question isn't clear just send me so I can update ASAP.

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    Hi can welcome to devnet,

    Please define what you mean by "modern GUI" with regard to what you currently have.

  • Thank you,
    Currently am using QWidget but I read about QML and how powerful it is in designing a good GUI
    Like above
    image link

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    And how does your interface look currently ?

    If your GUI is already fine then there's no need to absolutely port it to QtQuick. However it can be an interesting exercice to train your skills.

    Depending on your project direction, you can port parts of your GUI to QtQuick rather than doing everything from scratch.

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    @SGaist The current GUI is built with PyQt5, and it has MainWindow with 2 taps (1_tab display canvas and 2_tab display panda3d), in the 1_tab we have at left a menu with tools (as the grid) and on the Right we have Canvas. And the whole app is working perfectly there are no problems, the only issue is that we have a very basic design as GUI and I want to transform it to a modern one somehow like the image above.

    So I think the solution is to have a QML instead of QWidget, Am I right?
    But I don't know where or how to start since the app is already built and working.
    And what strategies should I take?
    And am afraid of some functionality will not work after migrating I don't want to come into that moment.

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    The image you show does not look like something that requires QtQuick rather some styling.

    I would recommend taking a look at the QML Book to get some ideas and then decide on the course of actions.

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