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Qt6/QML override final property

  • Greetings,

    There's the following in QuickWindow:

    class Q_QUICK_EXPORT QQuickItem : public QObject, public QQmlParserStatus
        Q_PROPERTY(qreal x READ x WRITE setX NOTIFY xChanged BINDABLE bindableX FINAL)

    And the following in my class:

    class QuickWindow : public QuickItem
        Q_PROPERTY(int X READ x WRITE setX NOTIFY xChanged)

    And I do get the this at runtime:

    Final member x is overridden in class QuickWindow. The override won't be used.

    In Qt6, is there a way to override a final property like FINAL OVERRIDE ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    No, that's the goal of final.

    The real question here is why are you using the same property name for something that returns a different type ?

    The return type is not part of a method signature so in any case the getter cannot be "overridden".

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