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How to open file-manager on a remote PC

  • I'm writing an administration tool whose purpose would be to facilitate clients in accessing their systems remotely from a single node. I've wrote a client-server model app for this. I want to embed file-manager / file-explorer facility in it but the problem I'm facing is that I don't know how this can be achieved.

    I've seen API on QT such as QFileSystemModel but that would show the filesystem locally. What can be done if I had to access the file-manager remotely ?

    I've wrote my app in C++/QML.

    Need suggestions.

  • @pingal
    QFileSystemModel really is tied to local file system (unless the remote system can be truly "mounted", which I doubt is your case). You could look at its documentation/behaviour as an outline of what you might like a class of your own to implement using a set of your client/server calls.

  • I think I've two options here.

    1. I write file-manager functions on client side which would be remotely invoked and the output would be transmitted back to my server to be shown in QML (?)


    1. Instead of writing every function, I could utilize clients CMD (as it has already builtin functions e.g. cd, dir, copy, move) and throws STDOUT back to my server to be shown in QML window/frame (?)

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