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Need some clarification about the new audio-device management in Qt 6.

  • I'm porting a project from Qt 5 to Qt 6, and I've encountered a few issues with audio devices.

    There used to be a way to acquire the "nearest" audio format to the one you've requested, if a device didn't support the requested one. But this method seems to have been removed, although the documentation still refers to it (but doesn't attempt to call it)

    There also used to be a way to set the Endianness of the audio samples (setByteOrder()), but this too seems to have disappeared.

    I'm also perplexed as to the relationship between QAudioInput and QAudioSource. Previously we used QAudioInput, but its functionality seems to have been moved to QAudioSource. So why does QAudioInput still exist?

    Any insight appreciated!

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    To the best of my knowledge:

    • QAudioInput allows to manipulate a QAudioDevice attached to a QMediaCaptureSession
    • QAudioSource is an audio source that is feed by a QAudioDevicr

    The new implementation of the module is more akin to a multimedia pipeline like you can find in GStreamer.

  • @SGaist Thanks for that info.

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