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Possible bug in QGstreamerMediaDevices? (Video source device not found)

  • Hi,

    Pardon me if this should be posted directly as a bug, but I'm first time contributing so I decided to play it safe and ask first before submitting a bug, might just be something regarding my system.

    So I've been playing with developing a camera video streaming software using Qt 6.2.2. When creating a QMediaDevices class, it doesn't "find" the webcam in the system. The system is linux based and thus uses GStreamer as Qt Multimedia backend. I traced the problem I'm having with the source code and a debugger to function QGstreamerMediaDevices::addDevice.

    Device type string returned by function gst_device_get_device_class on my system is "Source/Video", but the code compares that specific type to exact string "Video/Source". Thus the video source then isn't registered.

    Is this something I can submit a bug for, or should this be something to be debugged here? If yes, what system info is necessary to include here?

    -Henri Pyöriä

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    Sounds a good start for a bug report yes. Maybe even a patch :-)

    There might have been some changes between the GStreamer used to rewrite Qt Multimedia 6 and the one of your system.

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