LEAK: CachedResource XMLHttpRequest WebCoreNode?

  • Hi,

    I created a QtWebkit application following the steps in "this article":http://blog.lagentz.com/general/how-to-compile-and-build-a-qtwebkit-application-with-ms-visual-studio-2008/.
    when run it in visual studio,
    F5 -> click the window(web page) ->close the window
    I found there is
    LEAK: 12 CachedResource
    LEAK: 1 XMLHttpRequest
    LEAK: 337 WebCoreNode
    in output window

    what's wrong?
    Is that meaning there are memory leak?

    I'm using visual stdio 2005 + qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.0

  • I am having a very similar issue only my application does not use QtWebkit. I am instantiating a QDeclarativeView and setting it as the central widget of a QMainWindow object. Prior to the call to setCentralWidget(...) I call setSource() on the view and pass it my QML file. The error I get on the VS console when I close the application is LEAK: 228 Structure.

    I am using Visual Studio 2008 and the pre-built Visual Studio 2008 Qt 4.8.0 libraries.

    What does a LEAK report like this mean? Is it truly a memory leak to be resolved? Why is it not reported in the same fashion as other memory leaks in Visual Studio?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

  • Any more insight into this? We started getting this message too, and I'm not even sure where it comes from - Qt, Visual Studio, radio transmissions from outer space...?

  • I've got the same log output using MinGW on Windows 7.
    No idea where it comes from too.

  • I too see the same thing, Visual Studio 2012 on Win8.1 and Qt5.3

    LEAK: 376 CachedResource
    LEAK: 6 XMLHttpRequest
    LEAK: 2462 WebCoreNode

    If I comment out my call to QWebView::load(..) then the CachedResource and XMLHttpRequest leaks go away, but WebCoreNode remains.

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