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Zbar Qt support - values for QT_CFLAGS and QT_LIBS

  • i'm trying to configure a lib called zbar with qt added as an option, on windows using mingw. it says i need to set the QT_CFLAGS AND QT_LIBS. i don't know what to set this to. pls help

  • A better place to ask would be the zlib support forums, as this site is more about programming with Qt, than enabling Qt support in 3rdparty libraries.

    But as a guess, I would say that QT_CFLAGS should contain the include directories of your Qt installation and the QT_LIBS the library directories, probably the libraries (-lQtXxx) too.

    I changed the title to resemble the actual question and moved it to the General forum as the question is not about installing/deploying Qt itself.

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