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How to customize the toolbar to work with a QTextEdit ?

  • Good evening to the whole community, I am writing to you because I am working on a text editor project and I am having difficulties with inserting the elements in the toolbar (QToolBar) and connecting this bar with the text box (QTextEdit). I actually wrote some code to create a tool that allows the user to choose the color of the text. This is the following code:
    QColor couleur= QColorDialog::getColor( Qt::black,this);
    QPalette palette ;
    But at the end of the code the QtCreator IDE tells me:
    no viable conversion from 'QPalette' to 'QWidget *'
    So I don't know how, I will insert this tool in the toolbar. I also inserted a tool for the font in the bar and I connected it to a slot of the QTextEdit. Here is the code:
    QFontComboBox *police = new QFontComboBox;
    When I generate the editor program (after removing the code on the color tool), when I change the font in the toolbar, the text font doesn't change and I don't know where my error is .
    Thank you for your answers in advance, good evening!

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    It's your job to write the code that will apply the font to the current block of your QTextEdit.

    As for QPalette, the error tells it pretty clearly. It's not a QWidget based class. However your logic is not clear. What exactly do you want to when your selected the color ? Apply it to the text under the cursor ? Create an action that will trigger that that shows that selected color ?

  • @SGaist good evening I want the text which will then be written after selecting the color and as long as it is selected to use it
    Thank you

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    Then get the current format, update it with the color and insert a new block with it.

  • @SGaist Sorry, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by the current format.
    Please answer.

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    See for example QTextCurso::setCharFormat.

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