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Connect to Qml onCompleted attached signal from C++

  • Hey

    I want to push a dynamically created QtComponents Page based instance into a PageStack. To be able to do that, I need to call pagestack.push method AFTER pageStack is initiated with all property bindings up and running.
    Can I in someway, connect to the Component.onCompleted signal from C++ land? Keep on mind that this is an attached signal...

  • You can call a C++ slot/signal inside Component.onCompleted. BTW, I did not understand what you mean by pageStack is initiated properly.

  • Fire a signal from inside Component.onCompleted was my last attempt ;-) .

    When you make use of a PageStackWindow (on meego) you need to wait for component.onCompleted signal to push a page onto the stack...

    The fact is that it doesn't matter. The question is:
    Could we connect to attached signals from C++?

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