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ShareUiInterface do not work properly

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to add sharing functionality to my MeeGo Harmattan application but encountered a problem with ShareUiInterface. What I need is to share an image (like in gallery) and I do it as follows:
    QStringList lShareItemList;

    QFileInfo lFileInfo (mFileName);
    QString lFileUri = lFileInfo.canonicalFilePath ();
    if (lFileUri.isEmpty ())
    return false;


    ShareUiInterface lShareInterface;
    if (!lShareInterface.isValid ())
    return false;

    lShareInterface.share (lShareItemList);

    unfortunately if the image is not from the gallery (Picture or DCIM folders) share dialog is always empty. If image copied to gallery but was not viewed yet (no thumbnail) first attempt shows an empty share dialog as well. Second attempt shows image normally. I cannot understand the problem. I had impression that share dialog open only those images that have thumbnails available, but looking in thumbnails folder found that it's not true (no new thumbnails generated after successful share attempt), unless share dialog creates its own thumbnail folder somewhere in a system. Did any one experienced similar problem with share dialog in MeeGo Harmattan? Thank you in advance

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