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Deleting Objects and Connections

  • If I dynamically create a QWidget and connect it via the connect function. Later when the dynamic object is deleted, is the connection deleted too? Or do I need to remove the connection myself? I haven't read anything that says the connections are deleted when the objects get deleted.

    I understand that the delete object can't cause a signal, but that doesn't mean the connection isn't still connected halfway. I just don't want to waste memory if i don't have too. Also I don't want to program with a paranoia, ie doing stuff "just to make sure". Which is a waste my time.


  • Hi,

    if an object is deleted, the connections from this object to others is deleted. And it emits a signal which leads to removing the signals connected to this object. This works.

    To achieve this, QObject has one signal:

    void destroyed(QObject * = 0);

  • Did not know that. Figured it did, but now I know for sure.


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