Setting "ItemisAutoTristate" on a QTreeWidgetItem disable it.

  • Hi, i'm currently trying to build a tree using QTreeWidget and QTreeWidgetItem in Qt6.2.1.
    I simply have a MainWindow widget that contains everything, in the constructor i have the following code:

    QTreeWidget* treeA = new QTreeWidget(this);
        QTreeWidgetItem* parentItemA = new QTreeWidgetItem(treeA, QStringList(QString("parent 1")));
        QTreeWidgetItem* childItemA1 = new QTreeWidgetItem(parentItemA, QStringList(QString("child 1")));
        QTreeWidgetItem* childItemA2 = new QTreeWidgetItem(parentItemA, QStringList(QString("child 2")));
        QTreeWidgetItem* childItemA3 = new QTreeWidgetItem(childItemA1, QStringList(QString("child 2")));
        parentItemA->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        childItemA1->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        childItemA2->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        childItemA3->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        QTreeWidget* treeB = new QTreeWidget(this);
        QTreeWidgetItem* parentItemB = new QTreeWidgetItem(treeB, QStringList(QString("parent 1")));
        QTreeWidgetItem* childItemB1 = new QTreeWidgetItem(parentItemB, QStringList(QString("child 1")));
        QTreeWidgetItem* childItemB2 = new QTreeWidgetItem(parentItemB, QStringList(QString("child 2")));
        QTreeWidgetItem* childItemB3 = new QTreeWidgetItem(childItemB1, QStringList(QString("child 2")));
        parentItemB->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        childItemB1->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        childItemB2->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        childItemB3->setCheckState(0, Qt::Unchecked);
        QHBoxLayout* layout = new QHBoxLayout(this);


    As seen in the screenshot, treeB (the one the right) is greyed out.
    Adding the following line seems to solve the issue.


    The only difference between treeA and treeB is that treeB's toplevel item has the ItemIsAutoTriState flag set.

    Is this a know bug ? Or is it a normal behaviour i wasn't aware of ?

  • @Mummoc Hi,

    By doing this, you are removing all flags previously defined.
    You should try this instead:
    parentItemB->setFlags(parentItemB->flags() | Qt::ItemIsAutoTristate);

    Default flags are, as defined in the docs:
    Qt::ItemIsSelectable | Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable | Qt::ItemIsEnabled | Qt::ItemIsDragEnabled | Qt::ItemIsDropEnabled

  • That fixed the issue, didn't know setFlags() reset existing flags, i feel dumb now...

    Thank you !!! :)

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