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frozen column cursor when editing

  • Hi Qt Community, I've been working with the frozencolumn example, and have had much success. However I'm quite stuck when editing cells which are within the frozen column.

    When clicking on it, it shows as selected, but there is no cursor. If I type characters, they do not appear as I type, but they all appear once I'm done editing (i.e. press enter, select another cell).

    It's as if the cursor is on the non-frozen table (which is behind the frozen one), how can I make the cursor appear (or copy it over) to the frozen column?

  • I think i'm just gonna make 2 different tableviews, both associated to the same model data.

    If i place them side by side, hide all columns except for col 0 for the left table, and hide col 0 for the right table it looks pretty good. Connecting the vertical scrollbars makes the functionality nice, and hiding the scrollbars on the left table makes for even nicer look.

    There's still a slight border between the two that is noticeable if the table is larger than the row data from the model, but whatevs at this point. At least this venture of trying to freeze a column lead forced me to understand better the model/view ecosystem.

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