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QVideoSink QVideoFrame format

  • In Qt 6.2.2 I have custom QVideoSInk

    class Frames
    	:	public QVideoSink

    In this class I have

    void newFrame( const QVideoFrame & frame );

    slot connected to

    connect( this, &QVideoSink::videoFrameChanged,
    			this, &Frames::newFrame );

    In this class I have members

    QCamera * m_cam;
    QMediaCaptureSession m_capture;

    I initialize camera with

    	const auto camDev = CameraSettings::instance().camName();
    	if( !camDev.isEmpty() )
    		m_cam = new QCamera( CameraSettings::instance().camInfo( camDev ), this );
    		m_cam = new QCamera( this );
    	m_cam->setFocusMode( QCamera::FocusModeAuto );
    	qDebug() << CameraSettings::instance().camSettings().pixelFormat();
    	m_cam->setCameraFormat( CameraSettings::instance().camSettings() );
    	m_capture.setCamera( m_cam );
    	m_capture.setVideoSink( this );



    is "Format_""Jpeg". I set specially format of camera to JPEG to have ability to convert QVideoFrame to QImage.

    But in

    Frames::newFrame( const QVideoFrame & frame )
    	QVideoFrame f = frame; QVideoFrame::ReadOnly );
    	const auto fmt = QVideoFrameFormat::imageFormatFromPixelFormat( f.pixelFormat() );
    	QImage image;
    	if( fmt != QImage::Format_Invalid )
    		image = QImage( f.bits( 0 ), f.width(), f.height(), f.bytesPerLine( 0 ), fmt );
    		image.loadFromData( f.bits( 0 ), f.mappedBytes( 0 ) );
    	qDebug() << f.pixelFormat();

    I see that format of QVideoFrame is "Format_""YUV420P".

    So my question is this a desired behavior, or this is a bug of Qt 6.2.2? In Qt 5.15 format of QVideoFrame was as set in QCamera...

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    Did you check the supported format from your device ?
    Does it generate jpeg ?

  • During initialization I gather supported formats of cameras that can be converted to QImage with the following code:

    for( auto it = m_camsInfo.cbegin(), last = m_camsInfo.cend(); it != last; ++it )
    	const auto settings = it.value().videoFormats();
    	for( const auto & s : settings )
    		if( s.pixelFormat() == QVideoFrameFormat::Format_Jpeg ||
    			QVideoFrameFormat::imageFormatFromPixelFormat( s.pixelFormat() ) !=
    				QImage::Format_Invalid )
    			const auto resolutionStr = resolution( s.resolution().width(),
    				s.resolution().height(), s.maxFrameRate() );
    			m_resolutions[ it.key() ].insert( resolutionStr, s );

    So settings for camera can't be set so that can't be converted to QImage. I'm sure that my camera supports JPEG format, and I set to it exactly JPEG format to generate. But in newFrame() format is YUV420P.

  • I created an issue. Will have a look what developers will say.

  • This post is deleted!

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