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  • Does qmake or Qt Creator have any means of doing anything similar to the "include" directive for make?

    If so, I have not yet stumbled across it.

    I maintain a significant number of projects that all depend on a collection of locally developed and managed libraries. While a few of the projects were developed and exist within the Qt framework, most were developed and are used completely independently of Qt. For those within Qt, I include within the .pro files the necessary instructions that Qt Creator needs to build and debug the projects.

    When something changes in the non-Qt libraries that affects how Qt needs to deal with them, I find myself spending a fair bit of time updating Qt .pro files.

    In make, I do this by maintaining a "master" file of make instructions that is automatically included in any Makefile that I use. This makes it very straightforward to ensure that all projects know about the current (and sometimes the "nearly obsolete") versions of all relevant files, programs, libraries, etc.

    How does one typically manage these issues within the Qt framework?


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    In qmake you can use:


    There is actually no difference between .pri and .pro files, just for the sake of clarity that it is intended to be imported.

  • @raven-worx Thanks. I'm pretty sure I tried that, but now I'll go back and make sure I tried it the proper way.

  • @raven-worx Not at all sure what I did wrong before (it's been a while), but did just what I would have expected it to do. Problem solved

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