QtCreator with CMake attempting to use old remote install paths.

  • I'm trying to build and install to my Raspberry Pi 4. It mostly works, but when deploying, QtCreator is attempting to install to all previously defined install directories. This leads to 2 problems: I'm installing my exe multiple times, and some of those directories are invalid which causes errors.

    I have a CMake toolchain file with this line:
    set(CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX "/home/pi/install")
    And every time I change that line QtCreator makes a new remote directory path as seen here:

    Screenshot from 2021-12-01 12-21-11.png

    How can I get rid of these old paths?

  • Restarting my computer removed the old paths. Not sure if that's the best solution, but it's a solution.

    Screenshot from 2021-12-01 16-59-22.png

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