Key press events are not handled in e.g. Qml TextField but eventFilter receives it

  • Hi, I have a view in Qml that contains a TextField. This view has a C++ class set as eventFilter. When I launch the Qt Quick application, the TextField has focus but if I start typing, key presses are not received by the TextField but the eventFilter method is called and shows me that Qt in general is aware of the event. The event filter is returning false, so that this should not be the reason why the TextField is not getting the key event. I have also set used the attached property Keys.onPressed in Qml to verify if Qml is in general able to receive events and it is called as well. Just my TextField is not getting the event.
    I also enabled Qt_LOGGING_RULES and checked Qt logs for anything suspicious, but nothing is showing up. Are there any further debug techniques for (key) events?


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