How can I update QtMultimedia to 4.8?

  • I'm new to QT and trying to build an existing QT project on OSX 10.6. I downloaded the latest SDK avialable (1.1.4) which includes QtCreator IDE 2.3 and the 4.7.4 QT libraries. I built the project siccessfully (it's a client for a software defined radio), but the audio does not work. Some of the commiters of the project told me that others experienced audio problems that were resolved by upgrading to Qt4.8. The QT audio capability being used comes in QTMultimedia.

    So I downloaded the 4.8 QT libraries and ran the installer package. It completed successfully and told me the libraries are in /usr/lib. I do see qmake-4.8 in that location, but I can't find any files that appear to be the QtMultimedia libraries. In searching the QT site, I saw an article ( that said that QT was going to be more modular in 4.8, and QtMultimedia would be supplied as a separate module. When I click the link from which the article says I can get this new capability ( I see a link to download the SDK, which is version 1.1.4, the one I already have, and which contains version 4.7.4 of the libraries. There is a link for QtMobility source code on this page, but I'm sufficiently confused I thought it best to ask for some guidance before proceeding.

    So my question is: what should I do to get the 4.8 version of what was called QtMultimedia in 4.7.4?

    Also, I should mention that when I downloaded the 4.8. libraries, it installed some apps in the /Developer directory. For most (but not all) of these, when I launch them I get a seg fault immediately. I'm running an intel 64-bit processor, and that's the version of QT libraries I downloaded (actually the only OSX version available). I don't necessarily need these tools right now, but this behavior makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

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