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Multiple monitor control with Qt

  • hi everyone here, I am a newbee Qt-er and an entry level programmer. I know C/C++ from those teach yourself stuff in 24hr/31 days kind of materials, not professional programmer.

    the discussion topic here is:

    I have 3 monitors on my desktop computer and I want to display and control Qt application windows on all 3 of them. Where do I start? the eventual goal is to control as many monitor as the graphics card can handle (6 for the current AMD eyefinity, 12 monitor graphics cards are on the way).

    i) what Qt widget/class should I read about?
    ii) any examples out there?
    iii) excited about Qt 5.0, is QML capable of multi-monitor control?

    Thank you all!

  • Thanks! That put me on the right track.

  • You're welcome! (Also, welcome to the forums and Qt in general!)

    If your problem's solved, be sure and go edit your original post to put [SOLVED] in the title.

    Thanks, and have fun!

  • hi mlong,

    I have two fb devices but Qt5 recognizes only 1 (fb0). Do you know how to enable two fb devices in Qt5 since qws is replaced by qpa.

    Thank you!

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