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Multiple directories in qmlproject file

  • Is it possible to define more than one directory to the image files (or QML files,...) in the qmlproject file?
    ImageFiles {
    directory: "../images"
    directory: "C:/path/to/my/images"
    directory: "."

  • you can try using the import command at the beginning of the .qml file to use folders other that the current:
    import "../images"


  • I have got the "images" folder in the same directory as all my qml files.

    When I try
    @import "../images"@
    , I get the following error: "../images": no such directory

    when I try
    @import "./images"@
    , I don't get an error, but what should I set as the source of the images?
    If I just set
    @source: "MyImage.png"@
    , it has the wrong path. And if I set @source: "images/MyImage.png"@ it works, but then I wouldn't need the import anyway.

    I've got the same problem when I set the directory in the qmlproject file. I still have to set "images/MyImage.png" as the source. Maybe I didn't understand the usage of the directory property. Can you please explain it to me?

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