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[solved] Problem with tr() tag

  • Hello
    I'm trying to implement language support for my software using QtLiguist but everything seems to be working fine, except for the fact that there's one tr tag that it won't translate. It's recognized, and I've translated it in qtlinguist, but when running the software it still appears in english. The tag is as follows:

    tr(" Begin by reading \n\rthe barcode from your \n\rID card.")

    Is it possible that the blank space in the beginning messes things up, or that the line breaks are to blame? If so how can I bypass this, without editing the formatting?

  • I just notices that if I remove the \r and only leave the \n it will translate the phrases. The issue remaining is that if my translation includes \n, these will be printed out in stead of a line break. How can I defines line breaks at certain places in the translation?

  • ...too easy. "Hit return..." :P

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